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Welcome to Iron Muscle Magazine, The Best Free Muscle Magazine Online.

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Iron Muscle is dedicated to providing cutting edge infomation for fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, general health & life extension. Our Free Muscle Magazine Online is jam packed with information on supplements, books, as well as articles, tips and links to other muscle sites.

Chances are if you are here you're either looking to start a training program or you are already on one and are looking for more information. You need to make whatever program you choose an integral part of your life and not just do it for a quick fix or you'll end up in worse shape in the long run because you'll want to quit. Programs become boring or you start out doing too much and then you realize it's too much and stop doing it altogether. Being consistant is the key. Hang in there and don't give up, give yourself the gift of muscle, health and vitality.

Here at Iron Muscle Magazine you will find:

A huge collection of Muscle Articles

Tons of free Muscle Tips

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