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Bodybuilding Cookbook Review

bodybuilding cookbook

Review of The Bodybuilders Cookbook

Not all cookbooks are created equal. There are a lot of books on the market, but if you are serious about bodybuilding, you will want to check out The Bodybuilding Cookbook. Each page of the PDF format cook book is packed with delicious, healthy, high protein recipes you will love. You'll also find diets, nutritional analysis and professional advice to help you slim down, or build muscle.

Some of the recipes and tips include shakes, meat dishes, sandwiches, cereals, protein bars, gravies, even desserts that are sure to please even the pickiest bodybuilder.

Too busy to plan your meals? You will find 2 weeks worth of meal plans included. Great for those nights when you're too busy to plan your own. Great gourmet cooking tips for the serious chef in your family.

You will love the nutritional facts listed with each recipe. Makes it easy to choose which recipes to use depending on if you're watching calories, carbs or fat.

Another great benefit to this book is it comes with 3 added bonuses. If gaining muscle and loosing fat is your main goal, you will enjoy "Bodybuilding Resources & Recipes". This added bonus is loaded with great information as well as bodybuilders websites you can bookmark. It's great to find a bodybuilding book that also contains recipes for vegetarians.

I find the tips from the professionals most helpful. And the fact that the book is PDF format makes it great to read on your Kindle, enabling you to read it whenever and where ever. You will also be able to print out the pages. This is great for printing out your favorite recipes and helpful advice. Print only the pages you like or print the whole book out. Print your recipes and take with you shopping so you're sure to get the right ingredients.

This book is wonderful for someone either just starting out in bodybuilding or for the serious builder. It's packed with everything you need and then some. Would also make a great gift. The 3 added bonuses are great because they add a little something extra to the book.

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