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The Muscle Experiment Review

high intensity training manual

Review of The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System

It is time to unleash the genetic beast from within and here is how it is done! Excellent ingenuity of the use of bodyweight vs the conventional endless sets of pounding out reps with free weights that have a potential of tearing ligaments instead of building muscle.

Putting on muscle AND strength in "The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System" style seems sound. There is zero need for gym memberships and coordinating your schedule around gym times and possibly traffic getting to and from the gym. Maybe there is something about getting back to nature when it comes to the human physique. Its not rocket science, strength feels good and the difference in motivation may be psychological. There is just something about pulling your own body weight to the max. I mean you never really know when you might be left dangling over a cliff and relying on your god given strength to get back up. Its gratifying. You just can't get that doing seated pull downs with stack weights. The bicep muscle mass you can produce by doing simple pullupsis pretty damn significant in comparison to dumbell or preacher curls.

The Muscle Experiment System has a stress free organized launching pad that anyone regardless of current fitness can get bigger, stronger, faster. The exercises are simple, yet precise which makes a clear cut gameplan when it comes to your personal size and strength goals. The Super Freak manual is a beast. The Muscle Experiment is probably one of the most practical and achievable systems out there.

The manuals are layed out in layman's terms so you know exactly what they are talking about. Sometimes trainers forget not everyone was an exercise science major and not everyone really needs to know the difference between posterior and anterior deltoids. This Muscle Experiment keeps it simple as it should be. There is some confident thinking in this plan to a ripped physique of mythological proportions. The Muscle Experiment is backed by 6 months of the system for free, so there must be something to it.

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